Short Listing and Offers

You can bid for all properties that you are eligible for. If more than one person applies for the same property, the customer with the earliest registration or effective date will be offered the property that meets the criteria set e.g. band first. It is important you keep your application up to date; you can do this online by logging in and going to your housing register.

You will only know your final queue position once the advertising cycle has closed, by logging in to your account. Relevant checks will be carried out and the first eligible applicant who qualifies will be offered the property. If this applicant refuses the offer of the property will be offered to the next eligible applicant.

If we reach your turn we will contact you to ensure you are still interested in the property and check your details. If you are still eligible then we will inform you of the property details and the full address. You will then be contacted by an Officer who will arrange to show you around the property.

If we cannot contact you or you do not make yourself available we will move on to the next applicant.

You will not be considered for any other offers until you make a decision about your current offer.

We will not contact you if you are not successful or if we do not reach your turn.

You will have 24 hours after your viewing to make a decision about your offer.

If you want to accept the property you should let the officer know and they will arrange an interview for you to have a financial check and sign your new tenancy agreement.

If you do not pass the financial check the offer may be withdrawn.